A BIG announcement from PE!

Good Evening Members! 


We are sending you this mail, to give you some good and bad news. No sense in waiting, so we’ll get to the bad news first:

Unfortunately, Friday August 18th will be the LAST 3rd Friday Couples Only Takeover Party. While they have been incredibly sexy nights, we will no longer be having these parties on the 3rd Friday of every month. :'(

Shall we ease that pain with the good news now?

Power Exchange is now adding a 2nd Couples Only Takeover Party every month, because the party must go on! The 2nd and 4th Friday of every month are now Couples Only Takeover party nights. As usual, from 9PM-1AM, Power Exchange will open all 3 floors to couples only on these two nights. From 1AM-5AM, 2 floors will open to mixed crowd, and the 3rd floor will remain couples only. September will be the first month that the Couples Only Takeover Party will happen two times a month. Those dates are September 8th, and September 22nd. Hope you sexy couples can attend, and make it a memorable night!

You may notice our site has gone through some updates recently. Our events calendar is now interactive! You can filter the events, and parties by category or layout. For example, you can view parties that are all floors open, by simply clicking the “All 3 floors open to everyone” filter. You will also be able to load a specific event, or the calendar in its entirety, to your GCAL(Google) or iCal(Apple) calendars with the push of a button. Please bear with us as these changes happen, as there are always bugs that need to be worked out. You should start to see the calendar get poplulated with more and more events as well!

Friday night will be the last couples night happening on 3rd Friday, and Saturday will see all 3 floors open to everyone for Suck It Saturday. Hope you enjoy this very sexy weekend!


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